The Aha NexCruise saga

The story actually started in Dec 2020, when we took our Nexon EV to Longewala, Near Jaisalmer, a town on the Indo-Pak border. There is an entire video series we did (watch if you’re interested in the background of this innovation): So the story continued since our Jaisalmer trip; we realized that to really make … Continue reading

Nexon EV – Some useful posts – Review, Journeys and Tips

I am sharing some experiences which I saw on Facebook. I hope these will help those who are planning to take Nexon EV and may help those who already own Nexon EV. These posts are easily available in Facebook with #svXPs hashtag. Now consolidated links are available as two posts. This owner covered around 50,000 … Continue reading

Vivek Ahuja’s Page

Pradyumna’s first blog post!

Amanl’s EV Electric Meter experience