Yes we know at the moment there are so many apps to install for your EV!!! Some of the companies are working to collaborate and build a common protocol so that chargers of various companies can be used by other app owners. But till it happens, here is a list of apps you need!

Do you have an app that is not listed here? Please do share and we will promptly update for the benefit of all EV owners!!

Charger listing apps

Recharge India : PluginIndia’s charger listing app

EV charging Apps

  1. TATA Power EV Charge– ( useful for TATA power chargers in TATA dealers / service centres/ MG dealerships whereever a TATA power fast charger is isntalled

2. TATA Motors Service Centre (TMSC)

3. Fortum Charge and Drive

4. Zconnect

5. Connect Next TML

6. Sensairy – TPMS

7 Plugshare – charger listing app

8. Plug-N-go

9. Helea Smart – for smartplug if you are using

10. Electreefi – by EESL

11. HOPCHARGE – mobile charging vans – currently only in Gurgaon

12. ZEVpoint – android

13. VECharge -android

14. Pulse Energy App : EV related forums; charge stations etc.

15. BATTRE – only 15 amp

16. zeon charging app

17. ChargeMOD

18. ChargeGrid : magenta power & HPCL tie up (FC)

19. EFILL (FC)


21. AARGO EV Smart (FC)

22.Lion Charging


24. Kurrent